Sports News - November 13, 2008

And it might just be the final blow. It might be the final dagger into the side of the Arsenal futbol season. This season started with a bunch of highs, but then teams realized the one way to stop Arsenal: hack away at everyone. To start the season, Arsenal was in a heated title race with Manchester United and Chelsea FC, always being within 2 or 3 points of 1st place. At one point, Arsenal was at the top of the league, leading over Manchester United by one point. Then, the injury bug hit Arsenal.

It started with different injuries just 'hampering' certain players. Nicklaas Bendtner had a hamstring injury, just like commanding centre-back William Gallas. Arsenal Captain Cesc Fabregas has been held back all year from a hamstring injury as well. Kieran Gibbs, promising left-back, suffered a knee ligament injury and was ruled out for the season back in October. Robin Van Persie suffered ankle ligament damage in an International Friendly and made a return yesterday, having been out of league play since October as well. Aaron Ramsey had his leg broken by a Ryan Shawcross tackle; he might be out for a year and a half.

I can keep going including Andrei Arshavin, Tomas Rosicky, Thomas Vermaelen, the latest addition to the injury list, and Alexandre Song. This season teams in the English Premier have been hacking Aaron Ramsey's injury from a 'fair' tackleArsenal players and tackling them roughly. There is only so much I can take without being biased. When a tackle snaps a leg in half, like nothing, it wasn't an innocent tackle. 30 minutes after the game ended, Ryan Shawcross was called up to the English National Team. Tomas Rosicky was at the end of a brutal tackle as well. The tackle didn't break Rosicky's leg, but it did draw blood. A clean tackle doesn't draw blood. A clean tackle doesn't snap a leg.

Now, I'm not blaming us losing to Tottenham entirely on injuries. Yes, losing Vermaelen did allow the second goal, for Mikael Silvestre is not quality back-up, but it wasn't the complete reason for it. As a team, as of late, we let up when we score, as evident by the Barcelona Champions League game. We don't have the back-up for Song when he is hurt or away at international duty. When it comes to the front 3, Walcott, Eduardo, and Bendtner aren't cutting it as subs, at least on a consistant basis.

Regardless, I will back my Gunners till the end. They have my support and no matter what I will not lose faith. Next season is a new season. Chamakah, promising striker from Bordeaux, is coming to Arsenal on a free transfer. Arsene Wenger, the Arsenal Manager, has a 45 million pound transfer budget to use, second most to Manchester City, but then again no one is going to top City. Goalkeeper, defensive midfielder, and defense need to be tended to this coming transfer period. If Arsenal make the right signings, filling the proper spots and proper back-up, we will make a title challenge, if not win it.

A trophy is coming to the Emirates next season.

No doubt about it. Gunner till the end.