The Champions League Final will take place May 22nd in the Estadio Santiago Bernabéu, home of Real Madrid. In this match, FC Internazionale of Serie A in the Italian League and Bayern Munich of the Bundesliga in Germany will square off in a battle to see who is the best club team in Europe. The greatest stars in the World Cup will be battling not for their respected countries' name, but for the name on their chest: their club name. 

For Inter, Jose Mourinho returns with a new club. The tactical geniuJose Mourinho winning the cups, the one who put Messi in solitary confinement during their match-up, is back on the Champions League center stage, but with a different team. Unfortunate to the German's, he's with Internazionale, currently the leaders of the Italian league, and not FC Porto, a decent team in Portugal. Mourinho lead Porto to Champions League glory in 2004, a feat considered to be godly by many, for they were complete and utter underdogs. Yes, he had decent players such as Deco and Paulo Ferriera, but nothing more.

This year, he has quite the ARSENAL of players. See what I did there? His strikeforce is composed of Samuel Eto'o, Cameroon star, Diego Milito, Argentianian star, and Mario Balotelli off the bench, a rising Italian star. His midfield is rock solid with Wesley Sneijder, a dynamic centre mid who creates every play, Esteban Cambiasso, a tenacious defensive midfielder who hogs the ball, and Thiago Motta, a creative and defensive centre midfielder, one who can switch off both. His defense is a wall, for rarely any player gets through. Walter Samuel and Lucio lead the centre, towering over many. Maicon and Javier Zanetti rule the outside, stopping wingers in their tracks.

As described, Inter has quite the squad. They have a manager who stopped the most dominant player in the world. They have a core of phenomenal players at their disposal to play at almost any position. Tomorrow, Bayern Munich is broken down.